How it works

Your selection of digital images can be sent / delivered on a CD / memorystick etc. or emailed. They need to be a reasonably large file size to achieve a good print quality however this can also determine the size you would like the final print to be. Alternatively actual photographs can be scanned by us if you only have them in this format.

A brief will be established – you can either send this with the images or this can be drawn up through a conversation or meeting. This will express the overall style / feel that is desired for the artwork, any particular ‘motifs’ or imagery that you would like to be included / colour schemes, size / format etc. and any text that should be included within the piece.

Framed prints or canvas are the most usual method of presenting the images and are roughly the same price. The full resolution digital copy can also be purchased.


As each artwork is so individual prices vary, but generally this depends on the number of images used and size of print required. Below is a guideline –

A3 or 30×30 cms           5 – 10 images          £69.99

A3 or 30×30 cms          10  – 20 images        £89.99

A2 or 45×45 cms           10 – 20 images          £94.99

A2 or 45×45 cms           20 – 30 images        £114.99

A1 or 60×60 cms           20 – 30 images        £104.99

75×75 cms                      20 – 30 images        £109.99

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